Frequently Asked questions

  • Who Are Black Dragon Labs Products Intended For?  Any adult can take Black Dragon Labs products, but our formulations are generally intended for those who want the most intense workout and the fastest growth in muscle mass without the side effects of anabolic steriod injections.
  • Are BDL products WADA compliant?  Black Dragon Labs does not use any ingredients listed on the WADA prohibited list.  One of the biggest challenges with many nutritional supplements is contamination with restricted ingredients.  Black Dragon Labs sources only the highest quality ingredients to minimize the risk of contamination. This is also the reason that many athletes rely on Black Dragon Labs to help them bulk up.
  • Can Different Products Be Taken Together?  All Black Dragon Labs products have been designed to be compatible with each other and in many cases are intended to be used together for maximum effect.  Just be cautious of combining multiple products with Caffeine as the concentration of Caffeine would be very high.